Dear Guests and Friends of Björnhufvud Gästgård,

This season is soon about to end and we have had such a great time! Despite the cold and somewhat wet weather this autumn and a wintery winter , people are still visiting us at the farm. Cuddle-up-weekends in front of the fireplace seems to attract, so we are still busy cooking, baking and selecting good wines. In November, a journalist and a photographer came here for a reportage, so shortly you will find some photos of the exterior and the interior of the house here on our website.

For next year/season we will have two more double rooms en suite along with a conservatory and a studio. Hopefully we will also be done with the jetty that we have planned to set up close to the farm so that our guests easily can go for a swim. However, we gave up trying to fix the lawn ourselves so in October we had two big trucks and three men working on it for two days. At the moment the lawn i covered in the purest white, resting for next season’s games.

Now you can find us on Facebook and Tripadvisor, so please feel free to like/comment on us (bjornhufvud gastgard).  Also, we have a request: Many of you have written so appreciative in our guestbook and we are wondering if we may put your comments on our website ( under ”Testimonials”. Please let us know with an e-mail because we will only ”publish” those who give their consent.

Thank you for visiting us this year! We have met so many awesome people from all around the world this season and we hope to see you all again soon.

Winter Greetings from Hans & Jackie