Dear Guests,
Here comes 2014’s Mid-Winter-Greeting from us! Soon we will be welcoming our first guests this year and we are already busy booking rooms for summer guests’ vacations and families  celebrating their beloved ones here. We are so pleased to notice that old guests are coming back and that new guests have heard about us. So, it seems as if we are heading towards a busy season!News this year is that the conservatory is (almost) done and we are very pleased with the result. Sometimes it turns out to be positive when things don’t go as smooth as you had hoped for. We have, with the delay of the conservatory, had time to re-think about several details. Now that we have had much more time figuring out a nice concept for the floor, it has become rather fanciful.

Also, the path and staircase down to the cliffs to the jetty are done. Another improvement is my Vintage Shop. Many of our female guests have requested a vintage shop and what efforts don’t you do for your guests? I have gathered many vintage items and clothes throughout the years that I cannot possibly wear or use all by myself, so it’s a fabulous idea!

The prices are the same as previous years but we have changed the reduction from the third night (see ”What We Offer”). We still have cooked breakfast (included in the price) but usually no lunch. Dinner is still served in the evenings and a main course will cost about 20-25 €. Hans has been touring France and Spain for some really good wines that we will be able to serve to a lesser cost than previous years.

I almost forgot to present our new family member, San Marco, who is an Italian espresso and cappuccino machine and Hans has turned out to be the best barista ever! He will serve cappuccinos for breakfast to our guests who do not prefer their coffee like I do, strong and black.

Our new coffee machine!

Our new coffee machine!

See y’all soon!