Dear Guests and Friends,

After yet another year of great fun we would like to thank you all for the pleasure we’ve had accommodating you here at Björnhufvud Gästgård. As it’s already at the end of January we have started planning for the new season. There will be no or very little news or changes this year; the veranda around the conservatory will be done, and after request from some guests we have installed a fridge in the conservatory for cool drinks etc. The jetty will be in place. We’ve said it may be before but this year it will.

Over the years we have noticed a demand for parties coming here celebrating anniversaries, weddings etc. So although there will be little changes in our business this year we are in the process of expanding into a small hotel with eight double rooms all in all, including a wedding suite and a proper restaurant. The plan is to give the adjoining red house a total make over. The new/restored house will include a restaurant that will take about 30 guests. This means that we will open up for local guests to have dinner in the evenings. We will still be a very small scaled business where we prioritise quality before quantity. We will still be guest-oriented based on personal contacts, assuring our costumers the best service and compliance for your wishes.

We are very much looking forward to setting these plans in action. At this point Hans is sketching on the house plan and we have contacted a building firm. Yet to be done now is finding an architect to help us with the blueprints and our bank-man to be good 🙂 If it goes as expected we will be starting in September this year, just after the peak season and hopefully be in business by Midsummer 2016.

So, as you can see, we are as busy as ever and we hope to see you all this upcoming season.
Until then- be well!
Greetings from Hans and Jackie