Hans, in our dining room, painting 57 windows for the new building.

Thank you so much for yet another eventful year with many fine memories of smiling faces and encouraging appreciation.

We are now busy again starting up for the upcoming season. We mentioned before that during 2016 we will tear down the decrepit house on the yard and raise a new building there. This building will have four double rooms ensuite on the upper floor and a lobby, a proper restaurant and a conference room on the first floor.

We will not commence working on the new building until September which means that we will continue serving meals this summer. So for this season there will be very few news this year.

But one thing you should be looking forward to is Hasse’s newly found interest; the Thai kitchen. Hans, our son Kalle and our daughter-in-law Lisa took a cooking class for Rinda (our favourite restaurant in Koh Kut) and once in a while he will be serving her fabulous shrimp cakes, larb and sticky rice, Tom Yum and Pad Thai this summer 🙂

Hope we will see you soon!
Kind regards from a cold and snowy Åland,
Hans and Jackie