From Mr Fredric Wilhelm Radloff’s record, 1795

Dear Friends and Guests,

We now have the pleasure to inform you about what we are up to at Björnhufvud Gästgård/Björnhofvda Gård. A dear neighbour of ours told us one day last year that she had found a facsimile by ”Med. Doct. och Provincial-Medicus på Åland”, Fredric Wilhelm Radloff, dated 1795, telling about this area’s early record of people and the territory. It turns out, according to Mr Radloff, that this area once was called Björnhofda. This seems to us being useful information now when our company takes a new turn with the new main building, to also change to a new name; Björnhofvda Gård.

The new building is turning out just as in our imagination. Day by day we can see the house develop into the place we have always dreamt of! You enter the building into a grand (almost 10 metres to the ceiling!) lounge with a nice fireplace alongside a bar and a reception. Also on the bottom floor there will be a dining room taking about 25-30 guests, a kitchen, restrooms and a conference room. On the upper floor there will be four nicely decorated double rooms, one of which will be a deluxe.

We are planning on hiring a chef although we have heard that this is not an easy task. Maybe we’ll have to settle with my (Jackie’s) cooking this summer? We will also have two or three helps with the cleaning, the service and the smiles. Hans’s job will be as it always has been; a lot of chatting along with our guests and friends 🙂

Even though we have a new main building and the name is new, we hope that the spirit and “ambiance”, as many of our guests have put it, will remain the same. This is certainly what we are aiming for and we are looking forward to accomplishing this together with our many dear guests and friends.

Look out for some pictures here on our web-site (and maybe Facebook) in February and onwards.We are looking forward to seeing you again soon!

Kind greetings in hope of a very good new year to you all,
Hans and Jackie